One of the best sights is the Abbey of Santa Maria in Castagnola that represents a wonderful example of the Romanesque-Gothic style in Italy. The stylistic conception of the fašade of the abbey reminds the constructive system of Lombardy; however, in the forms of the transept there is an innovative architectural solution with the spire raising with respect to the roof; a solution that doesn’t exist in any other example of the Cistercian architecture in Lombardy.

The complex which includes the abbey is composed by a cloister dating back to the half of 18th century and by other buildings, thus showing a unique blend of different styles.

The monks hall and the lay bothers hall are intact, and as this complex has been later used as the Tobacco Factory store, it can be considered as an industrial archaeological site.



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The church is very well preserved and has passed through restorations that haven’t compromised its austere beauty.

The complex has been recently bought by the Municipality.

The city Theatre, built in the half of 19th century, is a typical example of show hall with stalls situated at horseshoe in 3 box orders. It has been recently restored and now it contains 300 seats.

The city Library is very well equipped in the contemporary sector, with a rich section for children. It organises events to promote reading.